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Vizio will not stay on

Vizio will not stay on

Hello, I have an E400i-B2. When trying to power on it will turn on and for a split second, can see the vizio logo on the screen. Then the TV shuts down and the power LED fades out. I have tried several different things. I unplugged the backlights from the LED driver board. When doing that, the TV will power on and stay on and can see the image on the screen with a flashlight. I opened up the TV and tested the LED strips with an LED tester. All strips powered on and looked normal. I replaced the LED driver board but unfortunately, that didn’t fix it. I’m not sure where to go from here (either power board or main board). Thanks.


@gdoug75 if your backlight stays on your power board is most likely not the culprit. It obviously supplies the required voltage for it. Commonly it is the main board that tells the power board to turn the backlight on etc (simplified) Take a look at the main board and see what your BLU-On voltage is etc. According to what you described, my number one suspect is the main board

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