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Volume knob stuck at highest setting

Volume knob stuck at highest setting
My stepdad bought me the Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500P headset two years ago and recently the volume control stopped working. Currently it's stuck at the highest setting. So, when I play some games that does not have their own volume control it's super loud to the point where I can't play it with my headset without causing my ears to explode. Anyone else have this issue and possibly a fix? Thank you!


"You're definitely not alone.

As mentioned in a comment in the link above, try power cycling them."
I have this issue with my 420x and after some research the only fix i could find would be to replace the volume potentiometer but that requires taking the headset apart and soldering a new one in, no problem for me, but where does one find the super slim potentiometers used in these headsets?
Mine has the knob where you change chat volume stuck in the mic itself so I can't move it do you know how to fix that?

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