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W/D makes noise when off!

W/D makes noise when off!

Okay, I have a crazy problem, but here’s some background info. Recently moved into 2nd floor condo and had an LG Washtower installed in kitchen alcove/closet. All of the w/ds here are in the kitchen closets and there is a drain pipe and vent to outside in wall in back. The water hoses are 10’ steel and there is also one that attaches to dryer (as it provided steam, but never tried it). About 4” of space on either side and room in back for semi-rigid aluminum vent duct. There was trim attached around the opening, so there’s only an inch on either side when looking at it. The way this was installed it impossible to move unless I hired some strong men to carefully pull it out as the pipes for the water are overhead with only a couple inches clearance. Now here is my crazy issue. Occasionally there is a quick “pssst” noise coming from the back. It occurs at random and maybe from 5 to 20x a day. It lasts a second or so, like someone quickly pressing an aerosol can, and sounds like that too. Any takers? I feel like I’m going crazy! At first I thought it had something to do with the roof vent that it’s connected to, but it really doesn’t sound anything like that. It kind of sounds pressurized?! All thoughts and ideas are appreciated!



By disconnecting the power I was just trying to eliminate if the problem was electrical or mechanical in nature.

Although it seems as though it may be mechanical.

The water inlet valve (this is the one for your model) is operated electrically by the washer control board to open it but it closes due to an internal mechanical restore spring in the valve which forces the valve to shut when the power is removed so no water should enter. The valve restore spring applies more tension on the valve to keep it closed than the normal highest water pressure that is supplied by the water authority that is trying to force it open.

If the valve has a weakened restore spring and was being forced open due to the changes in water pressure when your neighbour uses water then there should be signs of water somewhere in the washer tub or even underneath if it was coming out where it shouldn't e.g. loose hose fitting in the washer.

Hopefully it is not related to the water pipes feeding the washer and that water may be leaking in the cavity etc and it has nothing to do with the washer itself e.g. water escaping under pressure from a small hole in the pipe or a join in the pipe etc

You may have to remove it from its location and inspect behind it."

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