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Washing machine stopping during wash and rinse cycles.

Washing machine stopping during wash and rinse cycles.

I have a 22 year old Kenmore 80 series washing machine that stops several times during the wash and rinse cycles. I can lightly press on the dial and it resumes again. Other than that it drains and spins just fine. Could this be a washer dial issue or a timer problem? A timer will run around $200 with shipping. Is it even worth putting that into a used washer. I bought it new and its been a great machine.


"Hi @jeremy2388 ,

Sounds as though it is the timer.

The timer is an electro-mechanical device which has a motor that steps around and the cams on the motor drive shaft actuate contacts to operate the different washer components after the appropriate time has elapsed, e.g. water inlet solenoid valves, washer motor, drain pump etc.

By touching the control dial most probably you’re putting pressure on the timer which allows the contacts to make their connection again.

Unfortunately timers are hard to repair as you cannot get any replacements parts for any internal parts that may have gone faulty, e.g. worn electrical contact or operating cam etc. Not sure with your particular timer but in others there can be up to 10-12 cams in the timer so it may become a bit complicated if you open one up to see if you can fix it

All you can do is to replace the unit itself.

As you say, they are not cheap. According to this supplier the timer (part #19 Control panel diagram) the manufacturer’s part number is WP3951708. If you search online using the part number only you may be able to source a cheaper one. The WP designation means Whirlpool Part and these can usually be found in a host of different brands, Maytag, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Frigidaire etc as Whirlpool just makes the part to be used by other appliance manufacturers.

Here is one I found more to show you what it looks like. Notice the number of electrical terminals on the timer. By counting the number of terminals and then roughly halving it, you may get some idea as to the number of cams and sets of contacts that may be in there. Not trying to put you off trying to fix it, just trying to let you know what you may be in for ;-)"

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