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water in fabric softener compartment after cycle is complete.

water in fabric softener compartment after cycle is complete.

After the wash cycle is complete, there is always a few ounces of water in the fabric softener compartment.


"I'd take the entire soap tray out from the machine..it'll either have tabs on either side that you push in, or you lift the tray up and out. Either way it's an easy job. The nasty part is this..softener and soap build up like you wouldn't believe, it will have blocked the outlet for the softener and this is why you have the water in the tray. Most washer trays will come apart even further so that you can access under the lids and into the drainage ports-there aren't any tricks to them. Try pouring boiling water over...careful as it does splash up. and then leave to soak in very hot water to try and soften/dissolve the residue. It gets pretty black and mouldy in there-

You can also check the machine where the tray goes for anything blocking the path the water/softener/soap takes to the drum."

That's normal. See this answer: bleach and fabric softner dispenser problem

"I have had troubles with this since we bought it. I have pulled it out and cleaned what I thought would be clogged and it wasn't...it is just moody. Sometimes it dispenses the fabric softener and other times it does not. Sometimes it just adds water the the fabric softener I put in there, sometimes not. There is no rhyme or reason. Sometimes it empties, when I pull the tray out to refill for a new load and before I put anything in the tray, I will notice it's already full from the last cycle that failed to empty and it will begin to dispense it into the washer before starting the cycle or even pushing the tray back in.

I would love to find an answer for this."

"SOLVED this problem having had it with two machines.

The conditioner is released by the water lifting the stopper. If the machine is not level the conditioner goes through but the remaining water doesn't as the stopper closes.

LEVEL THE MACHINE (using a leveller) front to back (most important) and also left to right by adjusting the feet by screwing them up or down.

Most people only adjust left to right so it 'looks' straight but if the machine is tipping backwards or forwards the stopper will not let all the water out.

I was amazed at how unbalanced mine was. By eye it looks fine but it was way out. If only I had known years ago!

It has worked perfectly now for weeks of continual use."

HE3T fabric softener dispenser not working. Washer initially flushes detergent area (left side) and fills for wash cycle w/o problem. With drawer pulled out after initial fill and wash water enters back of dispenser in a trickle for rinsing, never flowing through top right (roof) section of cavity through holes to drop into fabric softener well. Tray is clean and unclogged as are holes in roof of cavity. Cog moves pointer from I through IV.

"Pull tray completely out. There is a knob that directs water into the tray. It is straight back in the top of the cavity. If it is not there it may have fallen out. If this happened ...you will find that little sprayer know in the bottom of the cavity. Mine fell out and I put it back in by wiggling it and pushing gently up into the spout...and it fell out again. You may want to use a small mirror and a flashlight to see what this looks like.

I am looking for that part now."

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