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What does -f3- mean on microwave?

What does -f3- mean on microwave?

F3 and a beeping sound is on the microwave and I can not set the clock or use it at all. I have disconneted it a few times,but when I plug it back in the F3 appears with the beeping sound and I can't set the clock or use it at all.


"The F3 means you have a shorting membrane keypad.

If and when an oven exhibits this code or is coming on or doing anything by itself, this is very dangerous and can result in a fire.

None of us on this site recommend trying to repair this type of problem on a microwave because it can kill you. Toss it and get a new one, PLEASE."

It just happened to me to my 1 year old LG microwave . I unplugged it, and it started working again,hope it won’t break cause it’s almost new!!! Our last microwave lasted for over 6 years I think

I unplugged it and removed all screws to the cover. Pushed on all contacts/wires to the key board and reassembled then plugged back in and it works fine. Time will tell….If problem persist I will more than likely replace. Don’t need any unwanted fires!

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