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What I thought was a battery problem...

What I thought was a battery problem...
Might not be. Definitely had some issues with battery life. But now with new battery, still getting same "low battery" signs on display. iPod often does not take charge from wall and only occasionally works with iTunes via USB port. Granted I have an older Mac at 10.3.9 and the last iTunes that works with that OS, but same cable, computer, and USB work with an iPod nano. When connection to wall or computer does work, no charging takes place - yet "green" battery blinks as if it is being charged. When connected to iTunes, gets frozen in downloading of playlists. This freeze does not stop and renders iTunes in need of Force Quit. Will order Logic Board. Unless someone has a better idea than simply junking it.


"I would first check the dock connector in- and outside for possible fluid damages or lint/dust/dirt

since the contacts are often exposed to any kind of humidity - they could have bad contacts - maybe you should get IPA (>90%) and a soft paintbrush, clean the dock connector and try it again.

check the logicboard for possible fluid damages (white/greenish substance on the logicboard - if there is something like that - clean it carefully like the dock connector)

maybe it helps"

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