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What if it's the 15 amp in the fuse box

What if it's the 15 amp in the fuse box

What if it's the 15 amp in the fuse box not the fuse in the microwave. We do not have updated electrical and still have fuses. I have a dedicated outlet I use for the toaster and such but I know it will only take up to a certain amount of wattage. My husband passed away in March and I'm not sure if it's 1200 or 1600 Watts. Can anyone help me please? Thank you and May God Bless


"Hi @pudiel ,

Are you saying that the 15A fuse in the fuse box blows when you are using the microwave or that the microwave fails when in use?

Either way have you got an electric kitchen kettle at all?

Usually electric kettles require as much power as a microwave so if you plug a properly filled kettle into the same outlet as used by the microwave (assuming it is a standalone - or benchtop - type) and it functions normally without blowing the 15A fuse in the box then there is a problem with the microwave oven.

If so then it may be advisable to call a repairman and ask for a quote for a repair to the microwave, (as they can be dangerous to fix if you don't know what you are doing) but these days it most probably is cheaper to buy a new one. (if your microwave is a standalone type and not built into a unit with an oven that is)"

Here is a good place to start, Paula: Every microwave has its own internal fuse that will blow if there is a short on the microwave side. The best way to tell if the problem is the microwave or not, is to plug it into a different outlet that is on a different circuit. If the microwave powers on and heats - you definitely do not have a microwave problem.

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