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What is the approximate current draw or wattage on 110.26732502

What is the approximate current draw or wattage on 110.26732502

What is the approximate current draw or wattage rating on these kenmore washers? I have a model 110.26732502. Trying to size a generator for home backup. Thanks


"Hi @mikefconnell ,

I re- opened your deleted comments as a new question because the iRobot had deleted them thinking that the long number string model number you posted was a telephone number and therefore spam. - Moderator.

There is no information in the user guide or the installation manual regarding power consumption, except that the installation guide states that the machine has to be connected to 120V AC 60Hz supply that has a 15A or 20A fuse.

As a rule of thumb this would put the maximum safe current draw at 15A and then the power would be 1800W (Ohm’s law P=E x I, Power (in Watts) = Voltage (E in Volts) x Current (I in Amperes) but it may be less than this as the motor only draws ~1200W and the timer and the drain pump would be a lot less than this

There are 3 major components in the machine that draw most of the power i.e. the drive motor, the drain pump and the timer.

I tried searching online using the part numbers for these components to see if there is any information on them regarding how much current they used individually but was only successful with the drive motor (see image below)

Here are the part numbers if you want to try as well or maybe you can check on the parts in your machine.

WP8572914 timer

WP3363394 pump

WP661600 motor Power = 1176W (9.8A) / 1140W (9.5A)

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

If you allow for 1800W @ 120V AC for the washer then you will definitely be covered and most probably have a bit of a safety margin as well

Hopefully this is of some help."

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