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Where is the horn location

Where is the horn location where is the horn located

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mcgyver89 [Entry]



Refer to illustration 19.2

1 Remove the cover from the underhood fuse/relay box and check the horn fuse and relay, replacing any faulty, components.

2 Disconnect the electrical connectors from the horns (see illustration). There are two horns, one at each lower corner of the radiator support.

3 Have an assistant press the horn button and use a voltmeter to make sure there is battery voltage at the supply wire terminal (see the wiring diagrams at the end of this Chapter). If the relay is good and there's no voltage at the horn, the wire (which leads to the relay) has a fault.

4 Use an ohmmeter to measure the resistance between the wiring connector black wire and a good ground. There should be zero ohms. If not, repair the fault in the ground circuit.

5 If there's voltage at the horn and the wiring circuits are good, the horn is faulty and must be replaced.

6 Disconnect the electrical connectors, remove the mounting bolts and detach the horns (see illustration 19.2).

7 Installation is the reverse of removal."