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Where to find a VHS tape cleaner

Where to find a VHS tape cleaner

I am trying to convert my VHS tapes to DVD format and I am looking for a rewinder/cleaner to clean the dirty tapes before I can play them. Kinko had one but is now out of stock. Please help me find such device.


Hello, we offer an afforable alternative for VHS, VHS-C and 8mm tape cleaning. We use a machine called TapeChek by RTI Industries. This machine is used in BroadCast Studios before a tape is archived. This machine will remove all the dirt and mold that has collected on the tape over the years. It will greatly increase the quality of the VHS image and most importantly, prevent the video-heads on your VCR from getting dirty. You can build your own cleaning device or find a used TapeCheck on eBay but normally they run several hundred to a few thousand dollars. Home made machines will typically rip the tape because the tension of the cleaning pad is very precise. A good alternative is you can mail your tapes to us and we'll clean them at an affodable rate. We also offer high quality transfer services as well. Check out our website at www.mydvdtransfer.com or email info@mydvdtransfer.com

If there is a Freds or Local Pharmacy close they may still have some of the older new stock. I bought mine in a Rural town area. Just trying to help if you are rural. And Good Will gets them from time to time. They dont really wear out so if you find one its yours for life .

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