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Why aint my volume working on firestick. Does remote have a volume but

Why aint my volume working on firestick. Does remote have a volume but

My volume works on tv but when I try to watch a movie on my Firestick i don't have volume. Does the remote have a volume button? What could cause this?


Okay, so I just had this issue. Hold down the home button until the settings option comes up. In settings go to “equipment control”. Go to “TV” and “change TV”. On screen prompts will walk you through from here. This was the issue for me. Hope this helps someone.

Go to settings -> Equipment control -> Manage Equipment -> TV -> Change TV

My problem was that during the TV/remote setup/config (Settings -> Equipment Control -> Manage Equipment -> Change TV) the only option that worked with the power and mute button wouldn’t work with the volume button. Volume up would not work at all, but the volume down would trigger the “AnyView Cast“ option for my HiSense TV.

My remote didn't work for volume or power on or off tried all these suggestions nothing seemed to be working then tried to put my TV as wrong brand (mine is alba changed it to bush) eT voila it now all works

Finally solved my lack of volume control by changing where the Audio was being sent. To the TV not a Soundbar, since I didn’t have one. The TV had once been connected to one and who would have thought, duh! Just go to Settings, Equipment control, Advances settings, Volume control device.

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