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Why am I getting sru cll error

Why am I getting sru cll error

Kenmore dryer error sru cll



Did you mean srv cll? This could mean ""service call""

Try the following to see if you can get an error code which may provide more info.

Found this on the web so hopefully it may be right ;-)

READING ERROR CODES 1. Wake the dryer up by pressing the ""power"" button. If dryer will not wake up, refer to Error ""No Display"".

2. Turn the knob to any cycle.

3. Press and hold the “power” and “start /pause” buttons simultaneously for 6 seconds to show the last error code recorded. The error code will appear in the display as an E followed by two numbers. NOTE: E00 means no failure code experienced.

4. To view the last 5 error codes recorded or to clear all error codes,

If you get any codes please reply back or search online for ""Kenmore HE3 (insert error code)""."

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