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Why are my clothes coming out of washer with bleach spots?

Why are my clothes coming out of washer with bleach spots?

Some of my clothes are coming out of the washing machine with bleach spots that match the pattern of the washer tub (small holes on tub wall). This has happened even two or three cycles after I washed whites with bleach.


The problem is most likely caused by a soap buildup in the washer,clothes or a draining issue. Try this to determine if you have a soap build up in your clothes: Gather a load of CLEAN clothes, items you wear often. Add to the washer WITHOUT detergent and let them wash a few minuets. If you see suds then you have a build up in your clothes. You can also fill the washer without clothes and let it wash. If you have suds then there is a soap build up in the washer. A slow drain will also cause this problem. Bottom line is, the white dots are from soap suds. To get rid of soap build up in machine and clothes will take a few weeks. Add a gallon or white distilled vinegar to washer and let it sit an hour or more, then fll it to highest water level, let it wash without clothes. Do that once a week for a month. the build up in your clothes: add your clothes without detergent Let them wash a few min. check for suds. If you have suds only add 1/4 recommended soap. Do this with every load until you don't have suds.

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