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Why does mondo never stop loading

Why does mondo never stop loading
1) plug in power (2) screen says grace digital audio (3) says starting (4) says loading


"Go to the Home button > WiFi and network setup > View configuration

Check to see if it is connected to your home network. for example:

Mode Auto/DHCP

ESSID [your network name]

MAC address [letters and numbers]

IP address 192.168.0.xxx

Network device rt3870 (mine)

If these are not correct then you may not be connected to your WiFi network correctly. This radio requires an internet connection to work. Sometimes a particular station will not work so try a different station.

I have had an issue with some locations not working well such as putting the radio within 3 feet of the router.

You can also try the Master Power reset and the Reset to Factory defaults under the settings menu."

The most excellent instructions! Opened it, disconnected and reconnected cables and it works beautifully! Thought I would give your directions one last try before I threw it out. You made this a excellent eBay purchase!

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