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Why does random red pixels appear on screen?

Why does random red pixels appear on screen?

Our TCL D2700 has been having this issue randomly. Usually the red pixels appear on black outlines formed in the picture. What part of the TV should I worry about? Is this fixable?


"@xkazehaya those pixels are what causes solarization of the display. Most commonly this is an issue with the T-con board. Replacing that should fix your display.

The backlight issue could be a power board issue or a failed backlight LED array. For now I’d focus on one thing then move to the next. Of course if you can find an inexpensive power board you could replace the t-con and power board together. Your TV could have the main board and T-con board combined. We would need to see the boards to make the determination. You also need to tell us the numbers before the D2700 since that is the series but we do not know the size. If nothing else it will give you a know-well starting point. To replace the backlight you will actually have to disassemble the panel."

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