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Why is my microware running when the door is open?

Why is my microware running when the door is open?

Open the door and the oven runs. Hit the panel and it might stop. Close the door and it stops.


Probably a shorted microswitch. It will have 3 terminals, one NC and one NO with respect to the common terminal. Check with ohm meter with leads removed and power off. Don't put fingers where they don't belong, even with power off.

"Hello everyone,

I have a Zanussi microwave built in, model No ZNM11N. Today it just stopped working, i.e. there is no light/fan running or microwave, but when you open the door the turntable slowly turns and stops when you shut the door. Could this be the door switches as in the TOP Switch or the door interlock mechanism? Appreciate comments from the community. Thanks


I can't answer your question but I have the same problem I plugged it in I unplugged it I switch plugs I jump the circuit breaker several times didn't fix the problem I think there's a short in the thing and I'm afraid it might go up in Flames one day looking for new answers before I buy a new one

"My Bosch 5050/01 will run and heat only with the door open. It will heat with the door open. We found it out the hard way. Checked micro switches for continuity as well as ohms. Waiting for a new board at the front control for logic problem.

Don't waste your money on Bosch."

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