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Why is the sound on my amazon fire stick distorted

Why is the sound on my amazon fire stick distorted

the sound on my amazon fire stick is distorted but the tv is fine the sound is ok on other inmputs


"First try turning the power off at the plug for a minute. A good restart is often sufficient to restore normal operations.Ensure the Fire Stick is compatible with the speakers. Change settings to default.Determine whether your software settings are up to date. If you have not installed the latest update, do so then restart your devices.When using the Amazon Fire Stick, first check you have not accidentally muted the sound. You can check this by determining whether the AC receiver is on. You must ensure Dolby Digital Plus is in off mode. Simply visit your settings menu, Display and Sound, Dolby Digital and turn the Dolby Digital Plus to OFF.Examine your HDMI cable. Many problems originate from the HDMI cable that is poorly connected or damaged. Disconnect the HDMI cable that is linking the Fire TV to your TV. Check the cable and reconnect. If the problem persists try a different HDMI cable. You can always call Amazon Fire TV Support and order a new one which will get delivered to your address in couple of days.Ensure your HDMI cable and Fire Stick is detecting the Fire TV. Examine the port the cable is plugged into and whether your stick reads DVI or PC. If so, you are not receiving input from the HDMI cable. To restore audio if you have surround sound equipment, connect your HDMI cable to the receiver, this receiver should produce sound via the HDMI cable. Alternatively, you can plug your Fire Stick into the HDMI port on your TV, set your TV to directly produce audio output.You can try an optical cable connection between the receiver and TV, rename your HDMI input to DVD so it is recognized by the Fire Stick or choose a different input method.

Finally look at the sound settings on your TV. For many Brands, simply setting the television to digital can address the audio issue."

Sounds working on video but not live tried stereo and best available and Dolby plus switched off

My firestick does the same thing, however, it usually happens after I’ve been watching for about 30 min. I’ll try turning the Dolby off and on. Thank you!

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