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Why is the washing machine getting out of balance?

Why is the washing machine getting out of balance?

Machine gets out of balance during the spin cycle


"Remove Shipping Materials

If your washer is new and the problem started immediately, it is likely caused by shipping materials accidentally left in place. On a top-loading washer, a shipping bolt is installed on the bottom center of the washer. Top-loading washers also typically have three shipping bolts, spacers and metal clamps in the back of the washer. Some models may have even more shipping materials that need to be removed. Refer to the installation instructions for your washer and make sure all shipping materials have been removed before using the machine. Failure to remove these shipping materials causes problems with the spin cycle, and it can also damage the machine permanently.

Level the Machine

Check that the machine is level across the front, back and sides. A machine that is not level will rock during the spin cycle and cause the machine to be off balance. All four legs should be in firm contact with a solid floor. A carpeted surface can throw this balance off. If your washer is located on a pedestal, the problem can be amplified. Top-loading washers automatically adjust to level. If something has shifted, you can relevel a top-loading washer by tipping the washer forward, then placing it back on the floor. Front-loading washers level by turning a leg to raise or lower it. You may need to open the front access panel to loosen the lock nuts that control the legs.

Check for Overloading

If you tend to fill the washer completely to the top, regardless of the weight or composition of the contents, you may be overloading your machine. An easy way to check this is to run a small load. If you have no problems with a small load, consider that overloading may be causing your spin cycle balance problem.

Look for Laundry Caught Below the Tub

Laundry caught below the tub or between the agitator and the inner tub can cause the washer to operate off balance with every load. The problem can be anything: a penny that worked its way out of a pocket, a button that fell off a shirt or a wayward sock or other article of clothing. If you cannot see a problem, you may need to remove the front or top panel and the agitator. Remove the offending item and clean out any debris. Replace the agitator and panel before running the machine again."

"Top loading, direct drive, washers will go off balance for several reasons. The most common problem is the items being washed.

•Washing sheets with towels will always create an off balance load. Wash them separate.

•A full load of towels will wash better than just 2 or 3 towels. This is the same with jeans.

•Don't add socks or small items with sheets. The sheets create air pockets and small items get caught in the air pockets and get pushed over the top of basket ending up in the pump or stuck between the inner basket and outer tub."

Most washers get out of balance during normal use, but on the front corners most have adjustable screws, these are large and you will need someone to lift the front up and adjust the side that is uneven or both. Sometimes it takes working with them until it's level. This is usually a very easy fix.. Let me know if it works or if you need any more help, I've just adjusted my dryer. Good luck.

"Also be sure you do not mix different materials like light weight clothing with towels. Towels hold more water so when spinning they will pull the load even if clothing is visually distributed.

Update (01/22/2018)


On two occasions I found a worn out belt to be the cause. On my machine it was visibly worn, but later, on a customers machine, it looked in great condition. She always does light loads so I could not fathom why that was going off balance. After scrutinizing internals, I could only think of the belt as a possible suspect. After changing it, all was right as rain. I do not pretend to know how the belt causes this but it just works.

On another client it turned out that the agitator was slightly bent! It was one of those machines that locks you out, so she never noticed that when she bought it. It worked iffy from day one so she attributed it to being new to washing machines and old house flooring. Two years later it was growingly annoying to just wash. After separating towels it made it bearable. At least until the machine completely conks out."

Everytime I wash towels sheets or a blanket they end up on one side and put the washer off balance.the washer just shuts down after trying over and over. Very disturbing!

I have a brand new LG stacked washer and dryer. When I wash my normal medium sized loads (cottons and polysters with a pair of jeans or towel) it seems to be a little off balance and the dryer shakes and squeaks. It is level and the feet are firmly on the ground. Ran test load with six towels and it worked fine with no vibration but with three towels (the installation test) it struggled a bit but finally got to spin. I will never wash six towels in a normal week. I only have 1-2 towels and 1-2 jeans per week. My previous front loader had no problems with mixed small and medium loads. Not sure what the problem is with this machine. LG Tier 2 support says maybe the counter weight is off. How do you wash small and medium loads with heavy things in the 4.5 cu ft washer? The small load downloadable function says it is for small loads of jeans and towels so it appears the machine is designed for small and medium loads. Maybe I need a machine with a smaller drum. Everything I read said that large machines can do small and medium loads.

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