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Why is there Static Noise?

Why is there Static Noise?

Hey everyone, a couple weeks ago I bought a JBL Charge 3. I instantly loved the speaker. But recently I noticed it had some static noise, like a radio that is untuned. Everytime I turn them on, not even with a device conected, I get the noise, no matter the volume or anything really. I havent put them on water or sand or dust, nothing. What could be causing this? Is there a solution to it? Are the speakers defective?


"If your JBL speaker produces distorted sound, see the JBL Charge 3 Sounds Distorted problem page for possible problems and solutions.

I think the speakers are being overpowered. I took my charge 3 apart and just watched the speaker as it was being used and saw no blown parts and no loose seals, but when I touched the positive lead wire that connects the red wire to the underside of the cone part of the speaker the static instantly cleared up and came back soon after I remove my finger. Did this multiple times and got the exact same result every time. So either the power needs to ramp down, the wire needs to be coated, or the speakers need to be grounded."

There is a YouTube video of a guy fixing his Charge 3 by soldering the braided speaker wire (that runs in the cone) to the tab that the power wire go to. Should probably do this to both braided wires on both speakers.

Some people suggest that the glue that holds the golden wires to the cones starts to dry/crack, which causes it to rattle. You can use silicone or glue to hold the glue that is on there down, and the rattling should stop. If this makes you nervous, adjusting the golden wires by moving them around can also seem to fix the issue, which is a lot easier.

its because the speakers on the inside have weaker magnetic pull

Very likely that one (or both) of the speakers are blown. I had a similar problem with the left-hand speaker. Tried soldering the braided wires that go into the cone. Soldered them to the back of the tabs that connect to the power leads. Wasted a bunch of time fiddling with the existing speakers. Finally broke down and ordered some replacement speakers from China. Done!!

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