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Why my car will start up but not drive

Why my car will start up but not drive Ok so I was driving on the highway and my van started running funny not wanting to pick up speed. So I got off on the next exit which was a half a mile away. Wen I got off I stopped at the red light my oil light came on and my van shut off. I pushed my van out the way I noticed a puddle of oil in the street. I went and got got 2 quarts of oil and put it in it turned over but wouldn't stay started. I went bk hours later and it started but it was running really weird and shaking so I cut it off. Do I need more oil or is it something more?

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mcgyver89 [Entry]

Something is very wrong if you noticed a ‘puddle’ of oil and you had an oil “pressure” light come on and the car is shaking. Engine and transmission need to be checked by a mechanic for this one…I would have the car towed to a shop and not run it.