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Why no cold water?

Why no cold water?

No matter what I turn the knob to, my machine washes and rinses with hot water only. No cold, no warm.


"Hi ,

Have you verified that the cold water outlet tap to which the washing machine cold water hose is connected to, is turned on?

If it is, try swapping the hot and cold hoses over on the washing machine end and check if you now only get cold water entering the machine.

(Turn off the outlet taps and then get ready to drain the hoses into a bucket to minimize the amount of water still left in the hoses, from spilling onto the floor as you unscrew the hoses from the machine. Don’t forget to turn on the taps again after you’ve re connected the hoses to the opposite inlets (i.e. hot to cold and cold to hot) on the machine) ;-)

Also check that the filter in the washing machine end of the cold water hose is not blocked and stopping the supply of cold water.

If you only get cold water entering the machine with the hoses swapped over then most likely there is a problem with the cold water inlet solenoid in the washing machine.

What is the model number of the washer?"

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