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Why will my Roku not connect to the internet?

Why will my Roku not connect to the internet?

The Roku is turned on and displays the Roku banner on your screen, but you cannot connect to the internet.


Sometimes, your Roku device having some problems to connect with the wireless networks. So you need to connect your Roku player with the home internet as same you connect your mobile device. If your Roku TV Not Connecting With WiFi. Don’t worry, click here to see the complete guide how to fix this issue.

Are you facing the problem with Roku won’t connect to internet. Follow the instruction give below.

If you are looking at the Roku Error code 009 that means you device has successfully established connectivity with the router, but it might be not able to access the internet. This is also akin to error code 14. Normally, your device is not find the wireless signal for your preferred network and is displaying error message such as “Roku won’t connect to internet”. Here provide the some information on our guide. Hope this helps

If you need to create a Roku account, then these are the basic requirements:

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