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Why won't my Amazon Fire Tv Stick Turn on?

Why won't my Amazon Fire Tv Stick Turn on?

I was getting ready to watch a movie with my fire stick. Then it just went to "no signal". The internet is connected, remote works, I've unplugged it from the tv and power source for about 5 minutes and it still won't turn on. I'm getting so frustrated please someone help me to get my fire stick to turn on.


You might want to try your Amazon Fire Stick in another device. It could be that the HDMI port that it was plugged into could have gone bad.

Was just experiencing the same problem. I finally figured out my power adapter had gone out. Swapped it with the one I charge my phone with and viola. Powered right up. I thought maybe the dongle adapter had gone out because that happened to a friend of mine so I think that’s a common problem as well.

If you’re tried to:

HERES HOW TO ACTUALLY DO THIS SO IT MAKES SENSE: unplug tv while it's on. Hold down the tv power button for 40 seconds (yes while it's unplugged). Plug in tv. Turn ok TV and switch to whatever your fire stick input is. It works. It's magic. You're welcome.

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