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Why won't my iPod play music?

Why won't my iPod play music?

My iPod video shows up perfectly normal, yet when I plug the headphones in, I can't hear any sound. It looks like it is playing just fine, but yet no music.


"Adam, try this. Make sure your headphones work, try another set if you have one. Also, does your ipod have any sound in any kind of dock?

I copied this from one of my previous answers My iPod has no sound I think it is fried . ""This particular model has a problem with an IC on the logic board. You can try and see if you get sounds by applying some pressure to the right lower side of the ipod, almost between the click wheel and the bottom corner. Here is a forum that explains that discussions.apple/thread.jspa... and check for a posting by IPOD_wrecker. If that is happening to you there are only a couple of options. New logic board fro about $40 on eBay, reflow your old logic board or you can try what warnergt did on forums.macnn/103/ipod-iphone-... it is kind of crude but it does seem to work. Of course I hope it is not and that it just needs a new audio jack iPod Video 30 GB Headphone Jack & Hold Switch Good Luck and let us know."

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