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Why won't my tv turn on?

Why won't my tv turn on?

I have a 42 inch Panasonic Viera, TH-42PX80U and recently had it shipped across the country. When I brought it home and plugged it in, it is making the clicking noise as if it is going to turn on, but instead the red power light blinks 10 times. I did not see any damage to the TV after shipping, however, it seems a bit strange it only stopped working after being shipped. Is this just a coincidence in timing? Is this fixable without calling a repairman or technician? What can I do to get my tv working again!?


"clurkaiz, the 10 blinks are caused by Sub 5V SOS, Main 3.3V SOS, DTV9V SOS, Tuner SOS and most likely originate on the A board. Start with these instructions to determine which board may have failed and what is going on.

• The F+15V from the P board is the source that supplies the DC-DC converter (IC5400 and IC5401) in the A board. The A board outputs 9V, 5V, and 3.3V.

• The 9V is only used by the A board.

• The 5V, besides being used in the A board, is also distributed to the K and GH boards.

• The 3.3V is used in the A board and it’s also provided to the GH and GS boards.

• A 10 blinks code from the power LED indicates abnormalities on any of these voltages.

Troubleshooting 10 blinks Condition At Plug in

These 3 conditions can cause the TV to shutdown and the power LED to blink 10 times

1.Missing/Shorted F_STB_15V

2.Missing/Shorted SUB9V, SUB5V, and SUB3.3V

3.Wrong diagnostic by the A board

To troubleshoot a TV that is shutting down and the power LED blinks 10 times:

Find out if 15V is output at pin 7,8,or 9 of connector P6 of the P board. If no voltage is output, the P board may be defective.

If the F_STB_15V voltage is OK, it’s likely that the A board is defective.

Since some of the Sub-voltages generated by the A board are connected to the K, GS, and GH boards, it’s also likely that one of these board may cause the unit to shut down and the power LED to blink 10 times.

Disconnect connector A1/K1 to isolate the K board.

Disconnect connector A/52GS52 to isolate the GS board.

Disconnect connector A11/GH11 to isolate the GH board.

The defective board is found when the connector that provides the Sub-voltages to that board is removed and the TV no longer shuts down.

If you need to identify the boards, connectors etc, consider adding images of the individual boards as well as the layout of the boards on the chassis. Use this guide for that."

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