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Why won't the speaker stay on

Why won't the speaker stay on

I’ve had this speaker for very long I think something inside was damage and it stays on for a limited time before it always turns off by it self


"Hi @bryantsalgado

I would suggest you to check with the power adapter first if the supplied voltage is correct.

Shut down can be due to some reasons, bad components, like capacitors internally to IC.

so you mentioned it turn off by itself. when you try turning on again, does it continue to work?"

No solution. Only turn on many many times repeatedly, until maybe it stays turned on without going off. But this problem continues all the times. Really bad.

I have this same problem.

I solved this problem yesterday. Switching off is caused by LED diodes that illuminate the power button. On both sides there are diodes that glow white or orange. White is the one that glows constantly and causes a problem. I simply cut the connection with a scalpel in foil. It works without the problems that were previously constant.

Ok here is a very interesting solution. I discover that curtain was touching the device and it somehow results in shutting off. Make sure nothing is touching the device/speaker. And give feedback. That was my solution and it worked.

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