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Why won’t my LG 49UB820V TV play video?

Why won’t my LG 49UB820V TV play video?

All the menus, settings etc work fine and the backlight is still working. When I connect a device through HDMI or USB it only plays the audio - the screen is blank but the backlight is clearly working. The thumbnail for the video file on USB also showed up. What could the problem be?


"Hi @alex2496

As you haven't said what you've tried the following are just troubleshooting suggestions covering possibilities that you may have missed in trying to locate the problem

Have the HDMI and USB inputs worked OK before?

Have you tried connecting an antenna to the antenna input to check if there is a display when tuned for TV channels?

Have you tried the Component video input to see if there is a display showing? If the Component video works then there may be a problem with the digital signal processor on the mainboard as Component video is an analogue signal

Have you tried all 3 HDMI inputs?

Have you tried a different HDMI signal source?

Is the USB video file in a format that the TV supports?

Is there power being supplied by the USB port? - Plug in a USB mouse and check if the laser lens lights up or if the USB stick has a LED light it should turn on"

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