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Why won’t my power windows roll up or down?

Why won’t my power windows roll up or down? I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee bought it used at the beginning of the year. For a while they would have small malfunctions and not work than it went out on all four windows with the back passenger being halfway down. Now today the drivers window is rolling up and down but I’m afraid that’ll stop. What could be the issue?

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mcgyver89 [Entry]

"Hey Savannah.

Your problem could be damaged wiring. The master power window/power lock control gets it’s power and communicates with the other windows and locks, etc., via the wiring in the protective sheath found routing between the driver’s door jamb and door. Over time, some wear or damage may occur to these wires as result of a cumulative effect of normal opening and closing of the driver’s door. A short could exist, for example, and might occur intermittently, thus performing erratically/inconsistently.

Checking this involves removing the driver’s door interior panel and accessing the master control, it’s wiring, connections and switches. Then methodical testing for voltage and/or continuity, to identify any irregularity. You really need someone who’s fairly qualified to do the testing (able to use the multi-meter, mechanically inclined, logical thinker, with a good eye).

Also, there are a number of other parts in this system that can fail. This is just a “best first guess” type of response. Maybe it can help. Good Luck."