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Why wont my Beats turn on?

Why wont my Beats turn on?

I noticed that when I tilted my head to a certain angle while listening to something the left ear would stop playing sound, eventually the headphones just turned off. I thought the battery just ran out but when I plugged it in (to my computers usb port) it had 3/5 battery indicators lit up, but it still wouldn't turn on. My computer gave me a notification saying the device malfunctioned and it couldn't recognize it.


"just brought to Apple and they asked $129 to fix it, $129 is the flat cost regardless any issue or cost of fix.. if they couldn’t fix it then replace with new one..

it was just 16month old, service guy just said it would happened and I am just one of unlucky guy..

What a quality and service.. Apple is talking about the lucky or unlucky.. they should talked about their quality process or system.. not just luck… and I think  they are also trying  to make money with their quality issue…"

I have the same problem. It would charge but if i unplug, it wont turn on. I tried everthing but it wouldnt work. Please help!!

A guy just sold me one on eBay for $80. he said the bluetooth doesn't work anymore, and he doesn't know why. so he's giving me one with an aux cable

still no fix? same thing happened to me

Apple, HA! They are so blood thirsty… They WILL NOT GIVE ANYTHING AWAY for Free.

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