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Wireless pairing and fuel light,no sound

Wireless pairing and fuel light,no sound

Hi i bought a pair of beats studio2,put them on charge all white lights on when they fully chargrd and unplugged i switch on , the lights go out,they dont stay lit, should they stay on. Then i , pressed to pair then , nothing , no blue light nothing is picking the beats up wireless, ive tried galaxy s10, phone, samsung tablet, my sons iPhone, nothing , so i followed the instructions and reset them, tried again no lights stay on nothing pairing no blue light for bluetooth, so i plug the jack in i get music through the left ear if plugged wired, the seller saying they worked perfect when she posted them, but they was total flat when i had them the next day, are they broke,or fixable if i update, she said she hadnt used them this year, then she backtracks to say worked fine just before posting them monday, any advice, before i go back to here to return for refund please anyone any advice please


"Hi @ljordon69 ,

Definitely seems as though there are multiple issues with the headphones.

The battery for a start. It appears as though it is not able to handle the load after supposedly being fully charged, so would probably need replacing for a start. Seller stated not used for a year, so if the battery wasn’t charged for a year then most probably this is the reason.

Only getting audio in one speaker via the wired connection is not good, plus not being able to pair or even being able to be detected using BT as well…..

Also the seller’s description changing when questioned.

The list goes on.

Item is not as described, get a refund"

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