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Works ok plugged in. Only at very high volume not plugged in. Cuts out

Works ok plugged in. Only at very high volume not plugged in. Cuts out

So these speakers are $500. I already had to have it replaced after like 2 months for a different issue. I barely use the thing. Yesterday I go to use it unplugged (which is the whole point of it) and even when I start it up the usual noise it makes starting up was replaced by a strange like click noise. The blue light is on like it’s normally operating and shows battery is fully charged. The only way it will play sound is when I turn it almost all the way up then it cuts in and out and sounds horrible.


"Hi @streetclark ,

You’re right it does sound like the battery. Not surprised that they would only give the battery a 6 month warranty but not on the entire device. That’s rough.

Since the warranty has expired the only thing to do is to open the speaker and firstly check if the battery is OK.

It may be indicating that it is fully charged but this may not mean that it is capable of handling the load etc. How long does it stay on for before cutting out?

Here’s a teardown video for the speaker which may help.

The battery model number (stop video at 5:49 minutes in) is SUN-INTE-213. If you determine that the battery is faulty then search online using the battery model number only to get suppliers.

If the battery appears to be OK then it will be more difficult trying to find the problem on the motherboard without a schematic. I couldn’t find one, you may have better luck."

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