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Yaesu VX-6 battery pack (FNB-80LI) rebuild

Yaesu VX-6 battery pack (FNB-80LI) rebuild
…I’m actually surprised this radio was listed.


"Hi @sudrien ,

I've about an 75% success rate with opening plastic welded cases with minimal cosmetic damage, by using a 1.5” paint scraper (the sharper the blade the better) and placing it along the long edge ""seam"" of the case (if it has one) and then giving the handle of the scraper a short sharp tap with a hammer to crack open the seam. If it splits open then after that you can open it further by using an old credit card etc.

Use the video you posted to know which side the pcb may be situated so as to stay away from that side if you decide to try this method

The inside lip of the seam may crack and break but this will not be seen when the case is closed again.

The other 25% of the time the case cracks and will have to be repaired somehow (superglue is not good with a lot of plastics, I’ve found that it actually melts some plastics) but there are plastic adhesives available or you could even tightly wrap a strip or two of black electrician's tape around it to keep it secure."
The only difference was that my radio is a Yaesu VX-7R. But will be basically the same procedure for both radios. Slowly and carefully keep slicing until you have gotten thru. And not too deep. That’s what I did was with my power supply set to 3.7 volts I held on to the terminals on the battery, not the connections for like 30 - 40 seconds (You have to go direct to bypass the board.) Until I got somewhere like 3 volts in the battery I did it with both of them. Then put back gasket attached to the radio and now charging on the screen. And now you have working batteries, without replacing. And it will work on all your electronics with rechargeable batteries as long as the batteries have some life in them.

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