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Andres bonifacio kontribusyon

Andres bonifacio kontribusyon

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"The Philippine Revolution began in 1896 when the Philippine people revolted against their Spanish colonial rulers. What followed was two years of war, which ended with a Philippine victory and the creation of the First Philippine Republic.

Answer and Explanation:

Andres Bonifacio was one of the key figures of the Philippine revolution. He was the head of a secret organization called Katipunan, which was discovered by Spanish authorities in 1896, jump-starting the revolution. They proclaimed a revolutionary government and began fighting, with Bonifacio personally leading the attack on San Juan del Monte, an important military site for the Spanish.

Bonifacio was important because of his tactical skills; he led some battles personally, and planned others from afar. He also commissioned the first Philippine national anthem and became a de facto leader of the revolution for a while.

After the republic was established, he lost the selection for president, but proclaimed that it was fraudulent. He was subsequently arrested, tried and executed for treason. Today, he is remembered as a national hero, and some historians see him as the first president, due to his role in the revolutionary government."