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Moral-spiritual changes of a drug addict

Moral-spiritual changes of a drug addict

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"Drug addiction is a health problem. When one is dependent on addictive and illegal substances, the person exhibits unusual and abnormal behaviors. This is because there are moral-spiritual changes happening in a drug addict.

The drug addict finds himself or herself in a situation of wanting so much to use the substance he or she is dependent on. This is an interior, spiritual struggle. And until the act is done, the person suffers physically, mentally, and emotionally. This, in turn, makes him or her resort to doing immoral acts. What is interior translates into exterior actions. These changes are the primary reason why studies show a clear correlation between crime and addiction.

At a time when drug addicts and drug pushers are being killed, it must be reiterated that drug addiction is a health problem. Drug addicts need help. They are still human beings in spite of their problem (brainly.ph/question/1576058).

Here's why Duterte's war on drugs is considered war on the poor: brainly.ph/question/869134

And to understand more about morality, visit this link: brainly.ph/question/1729190"