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Plotting the PAR: CONCLUSION

Plotting the PAR: CONCLUSION

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"The PAR or Philippine Area of Responsibility was plotted by PAGASA so that our National Weather Office would have an exact area to monitor for weather disturbances. Once a weather disturbance becomes to near the borders of the PAR or crosses it, it could become a national or provincial issue of safety.

Some weather disturbances affecting our neighboring countries may pass near our territory but they are not declared as a threat to the people since they are not within the PAR. The duration of storms, low pressure areas, and tropical depressions are also monitored by checking if they are still within the PAR or how close they are to crossing the outermost borders of the PAR.

You must remember that even if it is called Philippine Area of Responsibility, there are portions of that overlap with the areas of responsibility of other countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Palau, and Taiwan. There are also Philippine territories that are not included in the PAR and that is the southernmost parts of Tawi-Tawi."