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Reflection about ana kristina arce

Reflection about ana kristina arce

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"Reflection about ana kristina arce  

Ana Kristina Arce is a Filipina born deaf but pursued her dream of living a normal life. She amazes lots of people from the fact that in the Philippines, having disabilities are not easy. Public facilities for people with disabilities, are not functioning well. The worst, they face discrimination from other people.

Growing up, she studied in a school that most of the students are either deaf or have a problem with hearing. Even inside the class there's a discrimination happening. Communicating with other students inside the class is quite difficult because they don't know how to communicate with each other. Her hearing classmates didn't include her in class projects and activities even though she wants to participate. She felt stuck and disappointed.  

She finds her place in De La Salle- College of St. Benilde School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies. She found an environment that she was welcome. She felt loved and cared that the school was like a family. She learned true things about a Deaf person and became a part of the Deaf community.  

She pursues her master's degree to be equipped with more knowledge and to help other Filipino Deaf community. She believes that other Deaf Filipino should improve their lives.  

She became the first Filipino to be awarded the World Deaf Leadership Scholarship at the Gallaudet University in Washington.  

Her goal now is to teach and help her fellow Deaf to become empowered.  

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