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"Reinstalling" the Windows 7 boot manager

"Reinstalling" the Windows 7 boot manager

I've run into an interesting predicament. I've got two HDD's, one running Windows XP (Primary) and another running Windows 7 (Secondary). I recently installed Gentoo over the XP installation and used the whole disk for the install.

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"Personally I find it easier to use the Windows Vista/7 bootloader compared to grub, so I would:

Download a working trial disk of Windows 7 and burn it. (Do not worry about trial, we are not reinstalling Windows).

Go to Bios and switch the hard drives around so you boot from the second drive.

Put the Windows 7 disk in and go to Repair the computer then choose Startup Repair.

This should install and setup the Windows 7 Bootloader and configure it for Windows.

Now, install EasyBCD which I think is the best BootLoader Editor.

You may even be able to configure it to boot into Grub off the first disk without problems - however, personally, I would try to just boot straight to Linux from it. I cannot help you here but I know people have been able to do this and not require a reinstall of Linux."