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"run as administrator" in standard user account

"run as administrator" in standard user account

how can I run command prompt as administrator from a standard user account? The "run as" does not appear to work, neither does the CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER trick. I think it is because I am logged in as a standard privilaged account. Is it possoible to "run as administrator" from this type of a restricted account? I have the administrator password, I just need to be prompted somehow.

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Guest [Entry]

I figured out that the reason it was not prompting me for the password was because I had all of the other administrator accounts deactivated... so I just had to activate one of the administrator accounts using net user admin /active:yes
Guest [Entry]

"I don't know why it isn't there, but I have not used that feature since XP so not sure if that is an error or on purpose.

If I was you, I would do the following:

Open Notepad
Paste the following:

runas /user:administrator cmd

Save this is on your desktop as anything with the extension of .cmd or .bat
Run this and you should be able to start command prompt as the user, after typing the password.

(assuming user Administrator, change to whatever name you need!)"
Guest [Entry]

"Maybe UAC is turned off, had it on a W7 pc.
Take a look at RunasSpc (www.robotronic.de) if you want a limited user run a program/installer with adminrights without him/her knowing the password. Works for me fabulous with Ninite installer (ninite***) on XP and W7"