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"Sharing and Security" is missing from my XP Laptop

"Sharing and Security" is missing from my XP Laptop

I have this work laptop with XP SP3. I am missing the right click option "sharing and security" which allows me to share folders and such. The "Sharing" tab is also missing from a right click > properties. At least I think there used to be one.

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Guest [Entry]

"If even after checking the option ""Use simple file sharing"", the menu does not show ""sharing and security"", then check if the following services (control panel->Administrative tools->services) are running or not:
* Server
* workstation

Both the services are required for file sharing to work.

I would also suggest to check you PC for conficker worm infection. This worm infects the ""server"" service and can cause issues. Check Anti-virus software logs. Anti-virus might kill the ""server"" service to clean the conficker infection.

Also check if the following dependent services:
* Computer Browser
* NetLogon"
Guest [Entry]

"In an explorer window:

Navigate to Tools -> Folder Options
Open the ""View"" tab
Scroll to the bottom of the ""Advanced Settings"" and uncheck ""Use simple file sharing""
Apply & OK"