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Walang take two reaction paper

Walang take two reaction paper

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"Walang Take Two (2015), directed by Carlo Ortega Cuevas. That focus on the social analysis on Philippine culture and emphasis on moral values. A fictional story that is based on reality, its goal is to inspire not just the cultural examination but also the self-examination without resulting to preaching.  

The movie walang take two is about a narcissistic filmmaker named Hapi. He finally finished writing his first ever independent film, his masterpiece he said. He engages some of his friends to make the film.  It’s Caloy and Onyok, also have a dream to make a movie. His only problem now, he has no budget to produce the film. His located in poverty-stricken community that’s dependent on the Indian cash loan that’s called 5-6. But he is desperate to make this movie, that’s why he borrows in the so called 5-6 cash loan in the India leader, Alfajor. Things become worst for Hapi. The money that he borrows to Alfajor was lost. His neighborhood nemesis Oblax steals it. The making of his film become blur, deep in debt and even his future with her girlfriend Cherry became blur.  

This movie is unpredictable, playful and intelligent comedy about life’s tragedies and lessons. It is painful and touching. Despite of issues on poverty and ambitions. This movie emphasizes the Filipino culture. Even if you’re in your hardest time, your family never leave your back.  

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