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What are the function of chopping board plss.. answer

What are the function of chopping board plss.. answer

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"Functions of a chopping board

A chopping board, also known as a cutting board, is a kind or a type of a kitchen equipment. Chopping boards can be made out of wood, plastic, stone, or glass. There's also a wide array of chopping boards that differs in size, shape, and style.

Uses of chopping board

Chopping, cutting, slicing - these are the main functions of a chopping or a cutting board. From the name itself ""chopping"" and ""cutting"" board, it is mainly used for knife works. There are different kinds of boards for different kinds of food you will cut. Some prefer the wood type for meat, some prefer the plastic type for fruits, some prefer the stone for other ingredients, and vise versa.
Plating - chopping boards are now used not only for cutting but also for plating. There are various ideas on how to plate food using a chopping board. One famous idea for using chopping board as plating equipment is the cheese board. It is usually for wine parties and has different kinds of cheese, nuts, biscuits and pretzels, and fruits.
Decoration - chopping boards come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. Often times, they are used for interior decoration. Some likes to hang chopping boards to give their place an aesthetic look.

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