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What is claim of facts in resolving conflicts

What is claim of facts in resolving conflicts

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"What is claim of facts in resolving conflicts

Claiming fact lies in whether something is true or wrong, but  the possibility of controversy, conflict and conversion must always be there.  


The sun is shining today is not a claim of fact, but there may be  signs and symptoms of a medical emergency, as well as a defendant accused of a crime.

Claims of Fact  

The claims must be specific in terms  of time , place, people involved and situation.  
 Can you investigate the facts of your  claim through original research, such as interviews or fieldwork?  
 If it is a text, how thoroughly, carefully and  
critically can you read it to determine its flaws and strengths?  
Use descriptive and analytical writing to explore every angle of your problem.  Or claim the facts to assess your level of truce.

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