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What is idioms? and their examples

What is idioms? and their examples

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"Idioms are a phrase, an expression or a group of words that have a figurative meaning that is different from the literal meaning. It is not taken literally.

If you say ""It's raining cats and dogs"", it doesn't mean that there are a lot of cats and dogs falling down from the sky. The real definition of this idiom is actually a storm with wind and heavy rain.

Other examples of Idioms: (with meaning)

1. ""different kettle of fish"" - not comparable.

2. ""have a cow"" - to get upset or angry.

3. ""leopard can't change its spots"" - people can't successfully disguise.

4. ""hog wild"" - act in a completely uninhibited way.

5. ""kangaroo loose in the top paddock"" - be slightly crazy."