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What is the solution in the story footnote to youth

What is the solution in the story footnote to youth

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"The story of footnote to youth shows how some decisions may come at a price if not given advice from the older generations. This is where most of the youth actually make mistakes even if they feel that they could decide things on their own.  

Often times when people are young and thriving, they tend to think that they can take on the world even without the help of anybody, but everybody needs advice even if they're 17, 18, 19 or even up to 25 years old. In the story, Dodong wanted to marry fast because he was in love, but he decided to have children at an early age, which then became a burden for him and his wife Teang. As time passed by they had more and more children which became too much for them to handle.  

The solution to the story would be ""Learn to listen to advice"" and also ""Learn to be more assertive when you give advice to people who make rash decisions"".

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