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Which two factors have created box office hits?

Which two factors have created box office hits?

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"The term box office is usually used to refer to the success a movie. The success may depend on how the box office sales are calculated. There are several factors that affect movie’s box office sales. But let’s try to see which two factors have created box office hits and what makes a film successful.

In the Philippine context, there are two possible reasons why movies would suddenly turn out as a box office hit.  

1. The artists/love team starred in the film. It is a sure recipe that those celebrities with high following will eventually turn their movie to a box office hit. For example, the recent “The Hows of Us” starring Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo has earned around 505.6 million pesos in sales overtaking other previous box office hits to date. The more famous the celebrities are, the more chances for their project to be a hit.

2. Distribution films nowadays is not only done in the country but in overseas as well. In this case, it will reach a larger market making it into larger number of theaters resulting to higher number of sales making it a box-office hit."