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End of the World ??
JoelVasquezDate: Sunday, 12 February 2012, 8:59 AM | Message # 1
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The end of the world does not happen in one day, it is a series of events, just like a storm warning, we are given advise-forecast, we can chose to ignore it or prepare for it. Forewarned is forearmed..

Can we reverse it, surely we can. Just like Lot- he could have ignored it or followed it and he survived. But there was a process a procedure on how to survive it as advised to him. Finally, they were told to move out, were told not to look back. But the wife(Sarah) did not follow the procedure-instruction, those who know the story, knows what happened to Sarah, whether it is myth or legend, or story-telling-a-lie, whatever, the pattern as I see it is there as the writing on the wall unfolds.

There will be skeptics and all these ridicule that for others who support this have (EOTW theory) to undergo, it is only a matter of time. And when it does happen, no amount of money or last minute preparation can help you. Not your dollars or gold or silver will be of value to those who ridicule. Not your mansions, body guards. Your most sophisticated form of communication will breakdown, your private planes, jets and boats, cannot move, there is no time to warn or time for warning...this is not a threat; The good thing though, it can be reversed and it is all up to us.

Noah had to undergo so much humiliation and ridicule, building a boat on top of the mountain !!!! that would have been the most outrageous, unimaginable thing to do. He was guided with the specifications, procedures - Noah was no "Ship Architect, Builder or whatever". I can't just imagine all the (LOL) he would have received and that is including his family. I am no bible fanatic, or worshipper, zealot, just remembered the story that was told to me by my teachers years years ago. Just observe and watch the pattern. Noah was not able the build the arc in days, months, years, but if I remember right, 100 years...3 generations, some would have not even lived to see it in their lifetime, so I hope we don't get to see it in our lifetime...


The future is in our hands, the results of which is either because of what we do, have done or did not do

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adminDate: Sunday, 12 February 2012, 9:35 AM | Message # 2
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JoelVasquez, I don't know exactly how many years will it take for the world to end. We cannot be saved by our wealth or riches. Faith does. I don't why others don't believe in God especially the top logical thinkers and scientists. If there's no God, how can you imagine the vastness of the universe? Who created all of them or who created the start of all things?

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