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How to Please Your Husband Sexually
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5 Ways To Please Your Husband Sexually

If you're looking for a way to please your husband sexually, just to make him happy or in order to get him interested in having more sex, then you've stumbled upon the right article. In this article I'll describe 5 ways for you to please your husband in bed so I urge you to read the whole thing through without skipping a single word.

5 Ways to Please Your Husband Sexually

1. Initiate sex - One major thing which men find irresistible is for the woman to initiate sex. There's no greater compliment for the male ego than for a woman to show that she craves sex. Most married women fail to make this simple gesture which alone can skyrocket the quality and frequency of your sexual encounters. I know it can be hard for some women to do, but try it once or twice and it will become easier.

2. Get out of bed - One of the best ways to please your husband sexually is to take the sex out of the confines of your bedroom. Men like variety. It's as simple as that. Most married couples make their bed the only place they have sex. This becomes a routine. A change of place will do wonders to his excitement levels and his pleasure levels. It doesn't have to be a public place. Even renting a motel room will qualify.

3. Erogenous Zones - Many women think that men have just one body part which needs to be sexually tantalized. Wrong!!! Men have numerous erogenous zones which you should tease during sex or foreplay to give him that extra zest of pleasure. Each men is different from the next, but his nipples, abdomen, ears, and neck are good places to start. Either your hands or lips will do wonders on each of these areas.

4. Set the mood - Men aren't sex driven machines like many women think. They need a proper mood to enjoy sex as well. If you really want to please your husband, set a romantic and saucy mood. Aromatic candles, silk sheets, the proper lighting, a bottle of red wine, and a new and sexy outfit for yourself will go a long way to make your husband enjoy sex more.

5. Oral sex - There is one thing which men enjoy more than anything else and that is oral sex. To please a man orally is an art form and few women really know how to do this. The pleasure that men get from oral sex is so intense that they fantasize about it often. If you really want to please your husband, give him great oral pleasure.

Use these 5 ways to enhance the sexual pleasure of your husband and you will have a much happier man by your side.

To learn more about how to give great oral sex, go to this website: http://BlowJobTips.info/

To read more ways to improve your sex life, click here: Lovemaking Tips For Couples.

Kate Dixon is an author and a relationship expert. She has written a book for women in sexless relationships. To read more about Kate Dixon's method of solving sexless marriage, go to this website: http://GetHimInTheMood.com.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kate_Dixon

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Forum » AffordableCebu.com Lobby » Relationships, Dating, Courting » How to Please Your Husband Sexually
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