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How to Deactivate or Block Touch Mobile Sim Card?

Recently, I receive a comment from one of our site visitors. He wants to block or deactivate his Touch Mobile (TM) sim card. Here is his message:

I want to know how to block my Touch Mobile (TM) Sim Card. It was lost last sunday (Dec 20, 2015) around 8:30-9:00am. It's so uncomfortable knowing that your number might be used for something else. Please if you can help me, message me at my gmail. Thank you so much!

Deactivate Touch Mobile TM Sim Card
To deactivate or block your TM sim from unauthorized use, you have to call Touch Mobile (TM) customer service hotline: 808 or (02) 730-1500. The hotline is open 24-hours a day. 
Request for deactivation of your sim or phone number. 
You have to remember the phone number associated with that lost sim card.
If necessary, you should get or prepare first the card where the sim is attached. The one with an ATM-sized card where vital information are printed such as your phone number, sim card's serial number, the PIN and the PUK.
Some Reason Why You Need to Deactivate or Block Your Lost/Stolen TM Sim Card
  • To avoid unauthorized use of your sim
  • To avoid further trouble with the phone number associated with the sim card
Tips and Suggestions
Everytime you buy a new sim, you should keep the card (where the sim is attached) in a safe place. Or you may place it in a folder together with your other important files. Keeping it that way will save you from further trouble in the future. Troubles such as blocked sim that requires PIN or PUK.
Do you want to deactivate your lost/stolen TM sim card?

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Sanny   (29 May 2019 5:17 PM)

Kindly block this number because my phone was stolen. 09054951742. thank you so much.

Ailene sonza   (27 April 2019 7:52 PM)

Good day i want you to block my tm sim number because my phone was stolen here is the number 09759071409.thank you

Jonathan   (20 February 2019 7:51 PM)

Hi admin i want to block my lost tm number thnks admin
This is my lost number

ronaldpanesjr   (16 January 2019 7:26 PM)

pls pa deactivate itong no. na to na wala po yan may ibang tao na gymaagamit 09977550078

El jhon   (15 December 2018 10:48 AM)

09265286173 kasi po nawawala

Alve Jean   (11 December 2018 11:19 AM)

pls deactivate my number 09750873703... nawala phone ko pls pls pls

Diana   (28 November 2018 4:01 PM)

Plz Block my Number 09262811853 nwala kc phone ko plz po ngtxt sa mga friends ko binastos ako bf kodaw sya

gegel   (22 November 2018 9:01 AM)

Please deactivate my mobile number .

Nard   (05 September 2018 6:52 PM)

09362952481 Deactivate this number. I lost my phone. GG

Jeffrey   (19 May 2018 10:29 AM)

09359467995 Please Block/ Deactivate This number. Thank You

Ram Jones Mendoza   (02 February 2018 9:33 AM)

I want to block my sim card number to avoid fraudulent use of it.
Thank you and I am looking forward to your immediate actions.

john mark manipon   (08 December 2017 0:47 AM)

good day po . tanong kulang po sana pano kupo mapapa deactivate yung sim card kong nawala kung wala na po yung style a.t.m card na pinaglagyan nya . may iba pa po ba akong option ? para mapa deactivate kupo yung sim ko .

GERLY   (30 November 2017 8:34 PM)


GERLY   (30 November 2017 8:32 PM)


angelo   (20 October 2017 6:10 PM)

09066253881 pa block po

angelo   (20 October 2017 6:08 PM)

ginagamit po kase sa pang loloko yung sim kopo eh please po paki block po ginagamit papo kase sa pangloloko yung sim ko please..

angelo   (20 October 2017 5:59 PM)

Please po pa unblocked sa number ko 09066253881. Thanks

francine   (18 October 2017 12:00 PM)

Please po pa unblocked sa number ko 09262980254. Thanks

Sofia   (25 September 2017 8:43 PM)

please block my number, 09264498108. I lost it 4 hours ago and in need of deactivation immediately. They are sending rude messages to the people in my contacts. Thank you very much

Robert Luberas   (20 September 2017 8:15 PM)

Good evening po sir please paki block po yung number ko sir nawla kasi eh kasama yung cellphone ko sir.. . Salamat po eto po 09753444270

Jonathan deGracias   (02 September 2017 2:29 PM)

Please block my number, 09552257520. It was lost yesterday, 3PM.

aljon   (15 June 2017 8:16 AM)

pa block po yong number ko 09551724958

Jackylyn lara   (23 April 2017 10:13 AM)

Please blocked my sim card 09268048482 nanakaw po kasi cellphone ko at ginagamit nya pa simcard ko please pki blocked po..

millette baldivino   (12 April 2017 2:12 PM)

09068033580 please blocked my simcard nawala po kasi phone ko thankyou

Lee ruby anne espinosa   (24 March 2017 5:57 AM)

09355209061 this my number

Lee ruby anne espinosa   (24 March 2017 5:55 AM)

Good morning. I want to ask how to blocked/deactivate my sim card because they holdup me march 22,2017 tuesday 4am. As of now they still using my sim card this is my number 09355209061.

Lee ruby anne espinosa   (24 March 2017 5:52 AM)

Good morning. I want to ask how to blocked/deactivate my sim card because they holdup me march 22,2017 tuesday 4am. As of now they still using my sim card. Please i need your help.
This is my number 09355209061

Lee ruby anne espinosa   (24 March 2017 5:39 AM)

Good morning! I want to ask how to deactivate/block my sim card because they holdup me tuesday 4am. As of now they using my sim. Please i need your help to block my sim card. Thank you

alvin ocampo   (12 November 2016 2:22 PM)

hello po pakiblock naman po yung simcard ko na touch mobile nawala ito kagabi lang kasama ang cellphone ko ito po yung numbe r09757461801 maraming salamat po sana po matugunan niyo po ito para sa aking personal na proteksyon

Jayson Agcanas   (23 July 2016 10:07 AM)

paki block nga po yong simcard ko na touch mobile # 09358419608 dinukot yong cp ko..para po di na magamit ng iba..thanks po sana matulungan ninyo ako...

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