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How to Activate Touch Mobile (TM) Sim Card

Like any other sim card, you cannot avail Touch Mobile (TM) services if your TM sim card is not yet activated (inactive). So, you must activate it. Here's the procedure:

How to Activate Touch Mobile (TM) Sim Card?

TM Sim Card
To activate your TM sim card, just call 801. You will hear a voice prompt,
"Welcome to TM this is your first call..." 
If you heard and prompted to reload call card, kindly disregard the voice prompt. 801 is also use for reloading a call card.
Also, if you heard the call card reloading procedure during your first call it means your SIM is already active.
If you're having any problem activating your sim, try to refresh your handset by turning it off/on and monitor for any changes. Or use another phone.

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